Sailor Moon anime cosplay costume designs

Cosplay Costumes

Not quite a clothing style intended to be worn everyday, the world of cosplay involves exploring the possibility of being a fictional character that you like — mainly through clothing. The word cosplay originated from kosupure (コスプレ), a Japanese adaptation for English costume play. Popularized in Japan, it has since extended around the world to be a popular hobby among many.

Cosplay consists in dressing like a fictional character from any kind of media, or even own creation, and emulating them to some degree in interaction with other people, who can also be cosplayers. It is usually seen in conventions — especially about manga, anime and western comic popular culture; also in fan organized reunions, in role-playing groups, and in photos uploaded to the Internet.

Our focus: videogames, manga and anime cosplay costumes

Even if the word cosplay is applied to a wide representation of outside-of-Japan media nowadays, it still has by far its best popularity around media of Japanese origin. Manga and anime cosplay costumes are a worldwide favorite which we felt deserve to have their place in this site, as many people is looking for them online. The same goes for the vast options for cosplay from videogames which also originated in Japan.

Given our theme, only those listed above will be our focus from now on. Yet, variety will sure be overwhelming. For this reason, we will be giving our information on cosplay costumes in the form of individual posts, which are going to review specific costumes or a character in particular.

This is a section to visit specially in search of a good time. We hope that we can have fun together, and that you find lots inspiration in our videogames, manga and anime cosplay costume’s posts!

Featured photo credit: bshinkara via photopin cc.

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