Classic Lolita

Based on the styles worn by the aristocrats of United Kingdom around the 19th century, this lolita style was created with the intention to highlight the elegance of the wearer. It can be easily considered the most serious and sober representative of lolita fashion existing nowadays, and it confers a mature look to those wearing it.

Representative traits of Classic Lolita clothing

Clothing for this style features neutral colors — black, white, shades of brown or green; with sober decoration — simple designs such as flowers, fruits, animals, etc., which dominate over frills and lace. Dresses and skirts tend to be A-lined (this means they are not bell-shaped) and longer than those from other lolita styles, while blouses normally have fluffed sleeves.

To further increase the desired effect, you should consider having a plain elegant hairdo — braids are a quite popular choice; and using according make-up — mature tones of red or pink blush and lipstick, or nude lips.

Also, keep in mind that classic lolita’s accessories are intended to be elegant and practical at the same time!

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