Ero Lolita

This style takes a different approach to mature compared with classic lolita, as it opts for an edgy yet still modest look that often involves exposing a bit more of skin. Usually, the meaning of this is bare arms or shoulders, and wearing outfits with elements which could be associated to some kind of fetishism — maybe leather, bondage, garterbelts, and so on.

All of this makes ero lolita a quite controversial style amongst some lolita circles, as many see this style and specially some of its regarded accessories as difficult to wear without deviating from the fashion’s intended appearance. However, others think of it as easier to don, as it’s somewhat similar to other fashions of western origin.

Representative traits of Ero Lolita clothing

Dresses and skirts have the intended silhouette for lolita, but are shorter than in many other styles — slightly higher than knee-length or even a bit more, similar to punk lolita. The former are usually complemented by bustiers, corsets and, much less frequently, low-cut blouses. For these choices, you can add a bolero to keep elegance and modesty.

Tall shoes, such as high-heeled ones or platform boots, and overknee or thigh high socks are the most usual choices for this style, as well as make-up that makes you look a bit less childlike than in other styles. Accessories — like chokers; aim to reinforce this look.

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