Kuro / Shiro Lolita

Spelled kuro rori (黒ロリ) and shiro rori (白ロリ) in Japanese — meaning black and white lolita, respectively; these are actually two different but related lolita styles which focus on color.

Their rule is simple: to be considered a proper kuro lolita, you must wear a completely black outfit, and for shiro lolita, the same goes with white. This, of course, also applies to your shoes and accessories.

Representative traits of Kuro and Shiro Lolita clothing

In this particular case the base style is up to you, though sweet and classic lolita are the most frequent choices. Blouses and dresses of long sleeves are popular here, while skirts tend to be knee-length. They are well complemented by knee or overknee socks, shoes and bags of a matching color.

Soft make-up, also according to you color of choice, is a must. About hair, you can wear any kind of hairdo, as long as it adheres to the general terms of lolita fashion. And if you wish to create a more striking effect, you can pair with a lolita wearing the opposite style!

Related Styles

Monotone lolita is a particular approach to this effect, as it combines black and white in a single outfit. This must be done carefully, as it is not as easy as wearing a black dress or skirt with white lace or a white dress with black shoes — but finding a way to put it all together elegantly is lots of fun!

Even though kuro and shiro lolita are the most well-known single-colored styles internationally, you can choose any other base color to create a monochrome lolita outfit. However, you must take into account that clothing not intended for kuro or shiro styles usually has white lace as a complement.

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