Princess Lolita

Also known as hime rori (姫ロリ) in Japanese or even hime lolita as an alternate English name, this style aims to project an aura of affluence, nobility and splendor typical of royal families. As a note, the meaning of hime is precisely princess in Japanese.

Though most recent trends within it are inspired by the hime gyaru or gal fashion, truth is that both styles have a heavy influence from clothing of 18th-century France — known as the Rococo or Late Baroque era.

Representative traits of Princess Lolita clothing

The central pieces for this style are usually white or pink dresses that feature a great amount of fine decorations such as pearls, ribbons, frills, rose designs, bows, and many more options — as long as they play a part in transmitting a feeling of abundance and class. For the same reason, using satin as a fabric is an excellent option, but not a requirement. A pair of socks and shoes of an according style should be chosen.

Make-up and hairdos must keep at line with this, though the latter aim to be striking. It’s common to see somewhat exaggerated curly updos or very long hair — which can also be achieved with the aid of wigs.

As a finishing touch, the headwear and accessories used are normally associated with symbols of power, such as crowns or tiaras for the former and scepters and wands for the latter.

More than an outfit — an attitude

As it is already discussed in our main lolita fashion article, not only the clothes chosen for an outfit but also the attitude of the wearer are important when wearing such styles. After all, true lolita is never a costume, but an intent to express your inner self — and your clothing is just a means for achieving it.

This is particularly notable in the case of princess lolita, where there is not only a desire to express the main traits of the lolita subculture, but also an aim to project nobility and class. This can be seen as an extra difficulty for correctly wearing this style, but also — as we believe, an special charm added to it.

Similarity and overlapping with Sweet Lolita style

It can be argued that there is an important similarity between this style and sweet lolita, one of the most popular lolita styles if not the most popular in the present time. As we see it — and as it is generally seen, princess lolita is a separate and unique style in itself , because it aims to project an overall different image of its wearer.

However, as there is indeed a likeness in popular colors, some shapes, or even hairdos, there are occasions in which a princess lolita outfit — specially if not specific in image or not well worn in attitude terms, can be easily confused with a sweet lolita one.

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