Punk Lolita

Known as panku rori (パンク ロリ) in Japanese, this style adds elements from punk fashion to lolita aesthetics, creating a rebellious yet cute appearance, and it’s considered a bit more casual than other styles within lolita fashion. The two most popular ways of coordinating your clothes to adhere to this style are:

 Using a lolita base: Dresses and skirts have the usual silhouette of lolita fashion, being the fabric — for instance, deconstructed fabric; and the accessories which give it a punk feeling. Layering is quite important for this, as it confers complexity to the outfit, which in turn is what makes punk fashion stand apart from other styles.

★ Using a punk base: Here you can choose punkish clothing with lolita influence — e.g. lots of frills, and not so many bows and lace. Even if considered a form of punk lolita, it doesn’t adhere to the usual shape of the fashion.

Representative traits of Punk Lolita clothing

Punk lolita’s color scheme is usually black combined with red, purple, pink or even any other color that creates a striking contrast — for example, yellow. Skirts and dresses are shorter than in other lolita styles, usually knee-length or slightly higher — as long as they remain modest, with abundance of frills.

They are frequently complemented by disparate knee or overknee socks, platform boots or shoes, dark make-up and accessories from the punk fashion — such as chains, round badges, studded belts and bracelets, etc.

You can also complement your outfit with blazers or leather — either natural or synthetic, jackets in a cold day.

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