Sailor Lolita

Spelled seeraa rori (セーラーロリ) in Japanese, this lolita style takes inspiration from nautic themes.

Even if not the most popular style in lolita fashion, its popularity is still high nowadays, with some important brands releasing related collections every year.

Representative traits of Sailor Lolita clothing

Dresses and skirts in this style imitate actual sailor uniforms with black, navy and white as the dominant colors, and are usually decorated with sea-related embroidery. The most popular ones are generally pleated and A-lined — this means that the skirt is not in the shape of a bell; and nicely complemented by striped socks.

You can also add sailor berets or hats and accessories that feature anchors, wheels and other elements from the sea and seashore. Any footwear — for example, Mary Janes; that doesn’t get damaged by the water or salty winds is also a good choice.

Make-up and lipstick that give a natural look are strongly recommended, particularly if you’re taking a stroll by the beach or even actually sailing!

Related styles

A variation of this style is known as pirate lolita, called paireetsu rori (パイレーツ ロリ) in Japanese, which incorporates symbols such as skulls, pirate ships and rum bottles. Inevitably, eye-patches and bags with the shape of treasure chests are also featured.


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