Sweet Lolita

For this style, known as ama rori (甘ロリ) in Japanese, cuteness is the cornerstone. As a lolita style, sweet lolita takes inspiration from Victorian fashion, while particularly emphasizing the fantasy theme, taking elements from stories like Alice in Wonderland and many other fairy tales.

Representative traits of Sweet Lolita clothing

Clothing donned in this style tends to be pink, lavender or white — those are the most common colors, though it isn’t limited to them; and it’s decorated with bright-colored details such as abundant ribbons, lace, embroidery, etc. Puffy dresses and skirts are common, as well as blouses with flouncy sleeves.

Overknee and ankle socks are the current trend within this particular style, while hairdos aim to be striking, with somewhat exaggerated curly updos or other styles that favor curls.

Related Styles

A well-known subclass of sweet lolita is called OTT (Over-the-Top) lolita, called kote kote rori (コテ コテ ロリ) in Japanese; which takes the “cute” part to the extreme. What sets it apart from the former is the extensive use of accessories — necklaces, bracelets, etc.; and wigs — two-colored ones are quite popular right now. Its innocent and childlike look have turned it into one of the most popular lolita styles nowadays.

Deco lolita, called deco rori (デコ ロリ) in Japanese, is a style sometimes related to OTT lolita, the only difference being that the former emphasizes the organization of accessories in multiple layers, causing it to look very over-the-top as well.

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