Wa Lolita

Wa lolita, called wa rori (和ロリ) in Japanese, is a style which combines the lolita aesthetics with the elegance and uniqueness of traditional Japanese fashion. The meaning of wa as shown in its name is that of a prefix which points out a relation with the tradition of Japan — as it is the origin and inspiration for this style.

Representative traits of Wa Lolita clothing

A usual outfit for this style consists in a long-skirted kimono with panniers and bloomers underneath, or a kimono-style blouse with a lolita skirt. It’s not uncommon for the kimono or blouse to be long-sleeved, similar to the kimonos known as furisode.

No matter the choice, any of them can be complemented with ornamental hairclips — known as kanzashi and traditional footweartabi with geta or zouri. Any make-up is acceptable for this style, as long as it keeps you graceful and modest.

If you’re interested in these traditional accessories, you can read more about them here.

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