Casual Lolita

Called kajuaru rori (カジュアル ロリ) in Japanese, and not exactly a lolita style per se, this practice aims to incorporate moderate elements from lolita fashion into a regular outfit and keep it as simple as possible, no matter the chosen base style.

While its standards are more flexible in regard of shape — panniers are not as necessary as with other styles, it still intends to keep the elegance and modesty of the wearer.

Representative traits of Casual Lolita clothing

Clothing within this style has a scarce amount of frills, ribbons or lace, and ranges from neutral colors to pastel tones. Skirts and dresses, which are rarely seen, are knee-length or slightly shorter, but not to the point of being considered miniskirts or minidresses. The former are usually coordinated with cutsews or t-shirts — frequently with prints related to the fashion, as blouses are not as common as with other styles. You can also opt for adding some non-lolita clothing, as long as it’s suitable for the aims of the style.

Shoes may vary from the usual Mary Janes to any appropriate footwear, even if not directly related to lolita style, and are nicely complemented with knee or overknee socks, or even tights. Headwear, bags and accessories are plain but cute and can produce a quite quotidian appearance.

Hair is normally kept as simple as possible, while blush and lipstick are usually hues of pink or red.

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