Kote Kote Kei

Meaning over-the-top style and being spelled kote kote (コテコテ) in Japanese, it is the original visual kei style that emerged in the late 1980s and had as principal elements the artists’ presence on stage and their musical performance.

As a fashion, it favours dark colors for the outfits and features themes such as corruption, roses, blood and others in a very detailed way. It usually exhibits androgynous features, so you can’t tell if the wearer is male or female. All of this gives it a very distinctive appearance.

Representative traits of Kote Kote Kei clothing

Fit vinyl or leather clothes, corsets and tights are the most usual clothing within this style, while platform shoes are also quite popular among wearers. You can add scarves, gloves, rings, hats, pendants and more, in order to build up your outfit.

Make-up for this style is usually heavy, featuring pale faces that highlight the lips and eyes. Hairstyles tend to be extravagant, almost always dyed, or even completely bleached. They are usually monochrome of a striking color.

Every member of a band adhering to this style normally has an own color and seeks to represent a particular figure, different from the others.

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